Upcycled Cheese Dome Winter Scene


Thrifted cheese dome
Thrifted wreath
Winter characters or ornaments
Cotton balls or spider web (left over from Halloween crafting:) )
Spray Paint


Vintage cheese domes have made a comeback, but not for cheese!  You can repurpose them for seasonal dioramas like the one we made here – they are great for a coffee table or a holiday tablescape centerpiece.  The best part is you can find everything at Goodwill!

holiday wreath parts

Step 1: Seriously – this is the only step. 🙂  Assemble each of the parts under the dome and enjoy.
You may choose to spray paint the base depending on the look you are going for – we used an oil rubbed bronze spray paint, the same one we used on the Holiday Lanterns project.

HOliday dome image

Holiday Wreath