Top 6 Tips For Maximizing Your Donation

Most people start the year out with similar objectives – to eat better, exercise and get your life more organized. With more organization comes less stuff – and more donations for us. Donations come in at full force at the beginning of each New Year and we’re here to show you how to maximize the donation of your previously loved items so they can find their new home and provide funding for job training.

Before loading up your car or truck, be sure to check our list of acceptable & non-acceptable items. With every donation, we strive to bring job training to people in your community and with every non-acceptable donation, we have to use those funds to properly dispose of these items.


  • #1 : Keep shoes as a pair – tie those laces together or put a rubber band around the them so they don’t become separated!
  • #2: Torn or stained apparel, linens, single shoes, gloves and socks were once considered garbage. Goodwill accepts ALL textile donations, in any condition (except wet or contaminated with hazardous materials) so they can be re-used or recycled into new products.


  • #3: Tape remotes and controllers to their electronic devices. Write a note on the devices – noting if they’re fully functional or broken.
  • #4: As part of our e-cycle program we accept unwanted computers, laptops, TVs and monitors—working or not—free of charge. Usable items are sold at our stores to shoppers who can use them. Broken or damaged items are responsibly recycled, keeping them out of the waste stream.

Fragile Items:

  • #5: If fragile items are boxed up, please mark “FRAGILE” on the outside of the box.


  • #6: For items that have multiple pieces like puzzles and games, be sure to put a rubber band around the outside of the box so items won’t get lost.

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