Sweater Stocking

One-of-a-kind Stockings!
Pick up a retro sweater from Goodwill and follow our easy-to-sew instructions for a unique stocking.

Thrifted Sweater – $6.99 at Goodwill
Sewing Machine or Needle and Thread

Use a simple stocking pattern to get the shape looking right.
Click here for all different types of stocking patterns.
After you print your pattern out, pin it to your sweater. Tip: Make sure your sweater is inside out.

Once you have each side of the stocking cut, pin them together.

Now, start sewing! You can use a sewing machine like we did or spend quality time doing it by hand.

Once you’re done, your stocking will look a little something like this.
Now for the fun part… turn your stocking inside out to reveal your unique stocking!

Check that out! Now you’re ready to add a loop to the top for hanging purposes and start thinking about what to put inside!

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