Taking Care of Family Drives Yancy into Two Career Paths

Yancy’s life has been a lot harder than it should have been. As a younger man he left school for the fastest road to the top, leading him to federal prison for selling drugs. “If I had done what I knew I was supposed to do from the beginning, I could have stayed in school and made my life a lot easier …”

Yet his love for—and need to help his mother and sister—led him to Goodwill upon his release. “I knew it was going to be rough to climb out of the hole… but I had it in my mind that I was going to fight for myself, my mother and my sister, no matter what.  I have never been a lay-down kind of guy. I heard about Goodwill from some guys that I had done time with. They knew that Goodwill had computer training, a resource center for job search, and other programs that teach skills.”

Yancy dreamed of starting his own custodial business so he quickly settled into Tacoma Goodwill’s Custodial Skills Training program.

“Felix, my instructor and I started at Goodwill on the same day. We have been through our first program together! With his help I have been able to learn a lot about floor care. I now understand how to use the equipment along with the business end of the work.”

Even before graduating from the custodial program, Goodwill helped Yancy apply for a job at Quantum Flooring. In a week he was working in Seattle with a new afternoon job and a life plan. He has also just started morning classes at Barber College as his plan B. “I’m keeping my options open with two future career choices.”

Yancy has a message for all those who support Goodwill job training with their donations and store purchases. “Thank you for your help, …our economy needs this…  a bunch of unemployed people sitting together on the street doesn’t help this country at all.”

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