Success Story: Victoria (Barista Skills Program)

There’s no telling how a great cup of coffee can change someone’s day. Or in the case of Victoria Sarabia, change someone’s life. As she expertly swirls foam onto a steaming latte at the new Buzz at Goodwill of the Olympics & Rainier Region, there’s no hint of anything but confidence, happiness and unquestionable skill.

But as recently as a year ago Victoria was struggling with health issues and a self admitted need for direction. “I decided to find something short-term that I could do while figuring out my life,” she recalled. While visiting the Department of Vocational Rehabilitation, she gathered up a number of brochures introducing various training programs sponsored by Goodwill. She was immediately attracted to the barista program.

At the program introduction, she learned scholarships are available, and that was important. After finishing in December, she was hired for a position at the new Buzz. “My self esteem went from rock bottom to higher and higher. I have something to look forward to everyday with people I enjoy. This program has opened so many doors and helped me realize there are so many opportunities, you just need to take them!”

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