Success Story: Jasmine (Barista Skills Program)

Jasmine loves to help people. Initially Goodwill, and now Starbucks are helping Jasmine to realize her dream to become a bioengineer – to work with artificial tissue and DNA to help or replace damaged human organs.

Her journey started at Goodwill when her mother told her about the Barista program – a fast track to employment and pay for college and a car. A high school graduate from the Tacoma School of Arts, Jasmine found renewed expression in barista latte art and working with customers. The Goodwill program’s two café locations also prepped her for different coffee shop atmospheres and customer flow and the intricacies of coffee preparation. Goodwill’s on the job training and job placement soon landed her a position at Starbucks in Lakewood, where her people skills keep her happy as she works towards her dream.

“Just a few years ago I had no direction or focus in my life, but now thanks to Goodwill and Starbucks I’m on my way to making people feel better.” Today that help involves their first cup of coffee and morning outlook at Starbucks, … but in a few years it may be through engineering new healthcare solutions.

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