Success Story: Donna (Women 2 Work Program)

After losing her mother to cancer at the age of 7, Donna was left without a strong female role model in her life. Her father did his best to create a stable home life for her, but frequent moves between Washington and California forced Donna to face the challenge of making new friends and fitting in over and over again. Overwhelmed and insecure, Donna struggled with depression as a teenager and began making choices that had her heading down the wrong path.

Through her faith and a network of professional and personal caregivers, Donna found the help she needed. She came to Goodwill looking for assistance in obtaining her GED and found a pathway to a secure future for herself and her young daughter, Unique. Today at age 24, Donna is enrolled in the Women 2 Work program and finishing up job training through the Warehouse & Logistics program. She is also just four credits shy of earning her high school diploma through the High School 21 program.

“Goodwill is awesome! I discovered so many things I never knew about. I learn something every day.”

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