Success story: Anita Davis (Culinary Program)

Anita Davis is a single mother raising a grandson with special needs. Seven years ago her life turned upside down when she was diagnosed with a vocal disorder and could no longer work as a receptionist, a job she loved…

“So I thought, what could I do where I didn’t have to use my voice as much,” said Davis. “I looked around at a number of different resources and finally enrolled in Goodwill’s culinary school.  Cooking was something else I enjoyed and Goodwill’s program taught culinary skills, and you worked for four and a half months getting experience in a real restaurant.”

Today, thanks to her training and perseverance, Anita works in food service at Stewart Middle School in Tacoma. “Laughter is the best medicine, and now every day I get to see my kids laughing.  They sometimes call me nacho lady because I work the nacho line, and they make me feel young again!”

“Goodwill goes beyond job training, they make a person feel proud that even though you may have a disorder, you can still find a way to do the job.”

Check out Anita’s story courtesy of Tacoma Public Schools: