Success Story: Andre (Computer Skills & Office Support Program)

“It changed my future,” Andre Harrell states emphatically. “That class got me out of my shell and really motivated me.” Andre, who at age 20 is the youngest graduate from a Goodwill training program, claims he is a much different person now. He’s feels he is much more focused, more open and much more confident.

After high school, Andre started college but soon realized the timing wasn’t right. He took several part-time jobs in his search for direction. One day his father suggested the training program here at Goodwill.

Andre entered the Computer Skills & Office Support program and was able to build on his already substantial computer skills but even more importantly, he says, he learned life skills. “Be patient and calm. Always be kind. It’s very much because of my instructor, Aaron. He’s a little bit amazing and a real role model. I’d like to do what he does someday.”

After graduating, Andre was hired by UPS for their two-month busy season. Soon after, he was invited to a Goodwill dinner for recent graduates, which lead to an interview and full time employment with WalMart. Andre also loves to create and tell stories. Eventually he would like to be a video game developer. The skills he received at Goodwill helped him to perfect his skills at editing. He recently uploaded a video he made and got several hits.  He’s excited about what the future holds for him.

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