Silver Chalkboard Tray

Turn a vintage silver-plated tray into a versatile message board with a few easy steps!

We found this tray for just $1.99 at Goodwill and the other elements at our nearby craft store.

DIY Silver chalkboad Tray compnents

After washing and drying the tray, use painter’s tape to tape of the frame of the tray – or any part that you don’t want to paint.  Note: if you use smaller pieces of the tape, it will help keep the corner rounded when painting.

DIY silver chalkboard tray tape

DIY silver chalkboard tray tape2

Add newspaper around the edges of the tape to fully cover the tray and keep your painting area clean – we sprayed this outside.

DIY silver chalkboard tray paper

Measure and drill your holes for the ribbon.  Mark the center, then measure evenly on each side – we measured 1.5 in from the center to create 3 in span of the ribbon. The edges of the drilled hole may be very sharp – file them with a rat tail file to smooth them out.

DIY silver chalkboard tray measure

DIY chalkboard tray drill

Remove the tape, insert your ribbon from front to back, tie and hang. Add your favorite holiday message or use it for more practical purposes like a grocery list.

DIY chalkboard tray final

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