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Summer is here and that means the best of thrift! Summer is the best time to treasure hunt at Goodwill! The stores are at their fullest and that means great product is on our shelves.

Find stylish & unique clothing, shoes, accessories and more that are priced at a fraction of the retail cost.

Like this amazing outfit pulled together in mere minutes after walking into our 38th St, Tacoma store:

Goodwill thrifted clothing

Why yes, yes that is a cat dress. <3

Goodwill thrift clothing cat pattern

8 Best Goodwill Hacks (that all professional thrifters know)

We asked the best, most experienced thrifters for their words of infinite wisdom. Find their responses in this article.

8 Goodwill Hacks


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Best Place to Shop For a Cause

When you shop at Goodwill you’re not only getting unique items at a value price, but you’re also supporting a great cause! 91 cents of every $1.00 earned at Goodwill goes to support our mission to provide jobs, job training, educational opportunities, and support services to people in our community.

Your dollars make a BIG difference. Check out these numbers from 2016:

Goodwill good cause

Your support has changed the lives of real people, like Dominique:



“My instructors were really great at helping me to stay balanced. They helped me find childcare for my kids and helped with my housing situation. The people at Goodwill have so many connections to different resources. They are so willing to lend a hand.” -Dominique 


Read more personal stories from program participants on our BLOG



Best Place to Get Name Brands for Less


Thrifting never felt so good! Check back in the upcoming weeks to learn more about why and how to shop the best of thrift!


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