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Shop with a purpose.

Sure, shopping at Goodwill saves you money on clothing and household items, but did you know that it also helps people in your community?  Every purchase helps fund Goodwill’s job training and education programs. That jacket you purchased provided a single mom with culinary and restaurant training. The comfy chair you bought helped a high school dropout obtain their GED. Now that’s worth shopping for.

Start shopping now!

Give a Gift.

Established in 2003, Goodwill Heritage Foundation raises awareness and funding for Goodwill of the Olympics & Rainier Region. Goodwill Heritage Foundation partners with individuals, corporations and private foundations in the community to support job training programs and educational opportunities for people who have barriers to employment in 15 counties in western and south central Washington.

Every year, thousands of people in our region struggle to find jobs. At Goodwill, we believe that by training people with the necessary skills to find employment, we are helping to strengthen families, reduce dependency on government subsidies, and build stronger communities. Goodwill Heritage Foundation works with interested supporters to find meaningful ways to invest in the mission of Goodwill.

Jobs change lives. Join us and help make a brighter future for someone in our community.

Give today.


Donated goods are sold in 31 area Goodwill stores and online with more than 92% of revenue earned going back into the mission to provide job training and placement services to those with disabilities and disadvantages.

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