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Empowering veterans and their families with the tools they need to succeed in the workplace. 

Goodwill is one of twelve Goodwill agencies in the country selected to participate in Operation: GoodJobs. Operation: GoodJobs aims to help post 9/11 Veterans, their spouses and dependents (who live in the same house), transition from military life to a successful civilian life.

Operation: GoodJobs partners with a vast network of outside agencies to provide a comprehensive program catered to the individual and his/her family. A few examples of these services include:

  • Job placement services and employer networking opportunities.
  • Skills training including resume writing skills.
  • Career testing that helps narrow down interest to find a most suitable occupation.
  • Military to civilian transition mentoring services.
  • Job retention program.
  • Agency referral for housing counseling.
  • Individual and family counseling from licensed staff.
  • Whole family financial strengthening training, including financial education.
  • Family services including, career placement help, counseling, motivation and confidence to find work.

Job Placements:

Goodwill works with hundreds of local businesses to help find the right match for the participant and the business partner. There are many advantages to hiring a veteran through Goodwill’s Veteran Services and our Operation: GoodJobs:

  • Free Placement & Screening Services
  • Employee Job Match
  • Qualified Applicants
  • Information about Tax Incentives for Hiring Veterans

Getting started as an employer is easy and cost-free!

  • Contact Goodwill and meet with a representative to determine employment needs.
  • Goodwill and Operation: GoodJobs provides screening, skills analysis, soft-skills programs and more, to ensure applicants are qualified.
  • Interview applicants at your convenience.
  • Goodwill and Operation: GoodJobs provides assistance and follow-up, if requested, to ensure a successful placement.

Mike Tassin is Goodwill’s Veteran Services and Operation: GoodJobs manager. Tassin served as Sergeant in the U.S. Army for eight years with tours of Duty in Korea, Iraq and numerous state side locations. “I have been fortunate as a disabled veteran to experience a successful transition from military to civilian life. I am passionate to serve veterans and their families in achieving their post military goals,” says Tassin.

Tassin is like the more than 20 million men and women in the United States who are veterans. As the military works to withdraw troops from OEF and OIF — two conflicts that represent the longest-running military engagements in U.S. history — the need for a continuum of coordinated, integrated services for veterans and their families is at an all-time high. The challenging job market translates to an especially high unemployment for veterans, especially those ages 18 to 24, who face an unemployment rate of 20 percent — more than twice the national average.

“With Joint-Base Lewis-McChord in our back yard, we’re seeing many young men and women returning home from the battlefield and facing difficulties transitioning back into civilian life, because they need assistance with job training, skills building and support services. Goodwill believes it’s absolutely imperative that we give each of these veterans everything they need to succeed,” said Goodwill CEO Terry Hayes.

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