Recipe Box

Pass down a recipe with this repurposed vintage box.

Thrifted box – $5.99 at Goodwill
Mod Podge
Patterned paper

First measure your box.
(If your box is not a square) Pick the largest side to start your measuring!
Use a ruler to measure the width and the height.
You’ll want to cut your paper down an inch larger on each side than the actual width and height of your box.

After cutting the paper place your box on the center of it and use a pencil to outline where you’ll want it to be placed.
With the outlines drawn you can easily apply the mod podge and place the paper onto the box.
Be sure to put mod podge both on your box and your paper before adhering.
Once adhered you can cut the corners of the paper in a diagonal toward the edges of the box.
Then you can fold and glue the edges in. (see photo above)

Once you have one side done it will look something like this.
I suggest doing the biggest sides first and then the smaller sides after.

After you have your larger sides done you’ll want to measure the smaller sides of your box.
This time cut your paper the exact width of your box, but add an inch to the top and bottom.
Then mod podge both sides and adhere.

To finish the look we used printer paper to layer different pieces and make a title for the front!

Now you have a box ready to hold all of your favorite recipes!


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