Jewelry Holder

Turn a Vintage juicer into a unique jewelry holder!

We found the juicer at Goodwill for $2.99, the paper was in a scrapbook set, also from Goodwill.  We picked up the Mod Podge from a nearby craft store, but we bet all you DIYers already have a bottle or two!

DIY Jewelry holder components

After washing and drying the juicer, measure the space where you will be placing the paper (or you can use fabric).  Since this is a circular dish, measure the diameter of the inside and outside if the circle.

DIY Jewelry Holder measure

Borrow your child’s compass (remember  you used one for math in grade school!) and set it for the distance between the two circles.

Inner circle: Diameter 2.75 in – set compass to one half that at 1.375 in
Outer circle: Diameter 4 in – set compass to one half that at 2 in

Double check your measurements.

DIY Jewelry Holder measure 2

Draw your circles, then cut it out the part that will fit into the bottom of the dish – it will be a ring.

DIY Jewelry holder trace

Spread the Mod Podge evenly over the bottom of the dish.  Then place the paper ring face down on the dish.  Add a layer of Mod Podge to the bottom of the ring to help seal it. Let it dry overnight.

DIY Jewelry Holder Modge

Add your bracelets to the juicing part and earrings  or rings to the tray part.  We also wire wrapped a few matching beads to the handle to jazz it up even more.

DIY Jewelry Holder Final

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