Holiday Lanterns DIY

Tea Light Lanterns
Mini Christmas Ornaments
Spray Paint
Hot Glue
Old Christmas Wreath
Leftover Halloween Webbing

Step 1: Carefully move the tabs up to remove the glass so you can spray paint the lanterns.

Step 1

Step 2: Spray paint the lanterns. Take the time now to clean the glass.

Step 2
Step 3: Hot glue a lego into the space for the tea light so it would be easy to change the ornaments out if desired.
Step 4: Remove the hanger from the mini ornament and hot glue to another lego. Hot glue some ‘snow’ around around the lego to disguise it.

step 3step 3

Step 5: Decorate the lantern with the old Halloween webbing to create snow and cuts from the old wreath.
Step 6: Snap the legos together. Leave out a piece of glass so the tree branch could spill out.

step 5step 5

Step 7: Enjoy your Holiday Lanterns

step 6