Hand Warmers

Transform a cozy flannel into the perfect hand warmers or eye mask.
Add a little peppermint oil inside for extra holiday cheer!

Thrifted Flannel Shirt – $7.99 at Goodwill
Sewing Machine or Needle and Thread

Cut your pieces into squares and/or rectangles.
The square pieces make great hand warmers and rectangles are perfect for a relaxing eye mask.

Once your pieces are cut, you’re ready to start sewing.
We used a sewing machine, but this project could easily be completed with simple needle and thread!
Tip: Be sure to sew the pieces inside out!

Be sure to only sew 3 sides, leaving one open for the rice!
Fill inside with rice and essential oil of your choice.

Now you have a gift that keeps on giving! Every time your loved one heats these up they’ll be warm and comforted.

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