Halloween DIY: Books




And old book with removable cover



Acrylic Paint & foam brushes

Metallic Sharpie


Step 1:

We LOVE old books because you can do so many things with them, besides read them of course!  This project can be modified in so many ways – for what ever kind of spooky potions, spells or vampire lore books you’d like to create.

Start with a hard back book that has a removable paper cover.  Then head to the Goodwill Halloween aisle for some miniature spooky decorations.  Chances are you’ll find paint too, but in case you don’t, head to the nearest craft store.

spell book diy

Step 2:

Once you’ve removed the cover, squirt a couple dabs of paint onto a paper plate and begin painting the book – all three sides.

spell book diy

Step 3:

We chose a Mirror pattern so that we could place a creature of the night in the center. We added the black paint, lightly, over the other colors to give the book an aged / creepy look.

spell book diyspell book diy

Step 4:

Next, use a glue gun to glue on the mini spooks you found.

spell book diy

Step 5:

Then get out your metallic sharpies for some fun lettering.  Don’t worry, you don’t have to have perfect hand writing! You can search online for “halloween fonts” if you’d prefer to step up your lettering game. We gave a little shout out to one of our favorite movies on the spine – It’s a modern-day black and white classic!

Don’t forget to add some fun outlines and scrolls to the cover.  And of course – give your book a title – Spells, Witches Brews, Vampire Lore…

spell book diy

spell book diy

Create a Halloween book of spells using items found at Goodwill.

Looking for more Halloween book ideas?  Here’s a video that shows three different options…



Halloween-themed or a creepy cover book or comic

Scrapbooking paper

Frame with a matte

Double-sided tape



Step 1: Choose your favorite horror film book or story that has a great cover.  The trade paperback size or larger works best. Find a frame that had a built in matte.  This simple black one we found is perfect and the oval shape gives it a Victoria look adding to the creep factor.  If you don’t find a black one, you can always spay paint it.  Then we chose black and white themed paper with a scroll pattern – it reminded us of old wallpaper. Again – adding to the creep factor!

halloween portrait diy

halloween portrait diy

Steps 2 & 3:

Since the size of the paper  was smaller than the opening of the frame hole, we cut one sheet into four equal triangle sections by cutting diagonally starting at the corners. Cut the cover off of the book using an exacto knife. Place the pieces of the scrapbooking paper together (see image above) so that is cover all areas behind the book  inside of the frame.  Make sure you test it before taping!

halloween portrait diy

Steps 3, 4 & 5:

Tape the scrapbooking paper pieces together on the wrong side so the tape doesn’t show.  Then tape the book to the right side of the paper using the double stick tape.  Now it’s time to tape the paper and book cover to the frame.  Don’t forget to trim the pieces that hang over the edge of the matte!

halloween portrait diyhalloween portrait diy

Now you have a “family” portrait of your favorite ghoulish family member that would look perfect hanging in the hallway of an 1890’s Victorian mansion.  halloween portrait diy