Flannel Pillow

Find a colorful plaid flannel shirt and create a pillow slip cover!

Thrifted Flannel Shirt – $7.99 at Goodwill
Pillow Form (or cover one of your old ones)
Sewing Machine or Needle and Thread

Lay out flannel shirt to measure. Use pillow form as a guide, measuring from seam to seam an allowing for margin.

Measure twice, cut once!
We cut our pieces so the buttons and pocket end up on the front side of the pillow.

Once your pieces are cut, you’re ready to start sewing.

We used a sewing machine, but this project could easily be completed with a simple needle and thread!
Tip: Be sure to sew the pieces inside out!

Once complete, turn it inside out.  Slip it over the form or old pillow and hand stitch the fourth and final edge
to reveal your cozy pillow ready for any chair!

That pocket looks just right for a TV remote!

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