We can’t accept…

Due to government regulations and disposal costs, Goodwill is
unable to accept the following items. Thank you for not bringing
these things to our donation centers.

• Air Conditioners
• Appliances: large
• Bar-B-Que Grills: used
• Base Board Electric Heaters
• Bath Tubs
• Bean Bag Chairs
• Blinds or Mini-Blinds: used
• Carpet or Carpet Pads: used
• Clothing: wet, soiled or damaged
• Copy Machines
• Cribs and Playpens
• Electric or Kerosene Heaters
• Exercise Equipment: large
• Fluorescent Lighting, Fixtures and Fluorescent Bulbs
• Food, Beverages, Cosmetics of any kind
• Furniture: wet, soiled or damaged
• Household Cleaners or Chemicals of any kind
• Infant and Children’s Car Seats
• Mattresses: soiled or stained
(must have Part 1633 compliance label attached to be accepted)
• Metal Bed Springs
• Office Dividers / Metal Desks
• Paint, Batteries, Flammable and Corrosive Materials
• Poisonous and Hazardous Chemicals
• Shower Doors
• Swing Sets
• Taxidermy items
• Tires and Wheels
• Waterbeds
• Windows & Doors
• Wire Hangers

…but we are unable to accept these items:
If you have any of the above items to dispose of, please
check the yellow pages under ‘recycling’ – Thank you.

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