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My Goto Thrift Store is blue Boutique

Hi everyone, my name is Bailey and I am TrulyGinger on Instagram. I started TrulyGinger in January 2018 to inspire affordable fashion, to share the excitement of finding the best deals on clothing at mainline stores, and the thrill of thrifting! The name TrulyGinger is the name I came up with as my Instagram handle because I am a redhead and have always had the nickname Ginger. So, I felt like since being a redhead is such a big part of me I had to incorporate that in the name on my Instagram. I added in the word “truly” because I want to always make sure I am being my true self and sharing my true self with my followers.

I believe that I found my love for thrifting and shopping on a budget from my mom. Growing up we would always go into Goodwill stores where my mom would push my brothers in a cart and I would walk alongside as she looked at clothing, kitchen items, books, and so much more. At first I was not very impressed because I was little, and all I wanted to do was be at home and do my own thing; however, my mom kept bringing us and, as I grew older, I grew to love looking through all the clothes and finding little gems that had the color tag of the day or was so cheap I would beg my mom to get it for me.

As I got older and I was in charge of buying the clothes that I wanted, I learned that I should never buy something if I don’t absolutely love it! Otherwise I will wear it once and it will just sit in my closet for years and then be in the Goodwill pile on spring cleaning season. I also think about if the price on the tag is what I feel like the item is worth to me. Everything is worth something different to each person and I never want to feel like I bought something that I didn’t feel was worth the price. This is one reason I love going to Goodwill’s blue Boutique.

I started shopping at blue, surprisingly, only two years ago when I moved back to Washington. My mom asked me if I had been to blue before, but I had never heard of it. I knew that I had to go and check it out as soon as possible! Visiting blue for the first time was amazing! I was so in awe of all the amazing brands they had at such low “Goodwill” prices. Anytime I needed some new tops, or pants, or anything, I would go into blue to see if I could find anything that was exciting. It never fails when I go in that I have an arm full of things to try on. After finding blue I decided that anytime I needed something, blue was always my first stop. I usually have way more success at blue than at other stores.

I went into blue just a couple weeks ago to find some new summer items and I wanted to share my finds with you. But first I have to explain my order of shopping at blue. Whenever I walk in, I am greeted by their amazing staff that is always so kind and helpful. I then start sifting through every rack, yes every single one. I do not want to miss anything! This is key if you are looking for great brands at such low prices. You never know what you will find.

trulyginger floral tank trulyginger floral tank back

The first item I want to share with you is this Lily White floral tank top. I found out later that Lily White is a brand mostly sold at Nordstrom. I loved this tank top for the print and colors. It is such a light, flowy fabric, so it is very comfortable to wear, and perfect for these hot summer days. I got this top for $13.

I love these Rock Revival denim shorts. These were so fun to find because Rock Revival is usually a pretty pricey brand, but at blue, these shorts were priced at $30. I ended up getting them for $20 though because of blue’s July coupon where if you spend $30 or more you get $10 off. To get these coupons you just have to sign up for their emails when you check out. I love these shorts and the design they have on the back pockets. I also like how they are distressed along the legs. Super comfortable and great coverage!

trulyginger tank top

This white tank top is Jones New York brand that I got for $13. I checked out the brand because I have never heard of it before, and lots of their items are in the thirty to fifty dollar range. This is one fun thing about shopping at blue. When you find an item and you go look it up later, you usually realize that you spent way less than the last person did when they first bought the item. This is what makes it so exciting for me! I love how comfortable this top is. It is a t-shirt material but the flowy neck line makes it very feminine and light. I also enjoy this top because even though it is white, it is not totally see through! I love that because in the summer I don’t want to have to always worry about having a tank top underneath all of my clothes. Definitely a successful find!

trulyginger Jlo top

I knew I was going to buy this top as soon as I tried it on! This is a Jennifer Lopez top that I again purchased for $13 at blue. I love the dark, army green color and then the beading along the sleeves. It also has a little cut out on the back and has beading across that as well. It is perfect for all seasons which I love because that means I can wear it all the time.

trulyginger sweater

I wanted to share my current best find ever from blue . It was very hard to decide what my favorite item was, but I had to narrow it down to something I have worn so many times. I love how it literally goes with everything. That item would be this I.N.K brand cardigan sweater. This piece is something that I actually found at blue for my birthday! My mother-in-law wanted to take me shopping for my birthday, and she asked me where I wanted to go…and of course out of all the places, I chose blue. I looked around and when I found this sweater I could not believe my eyes. It was in perfect condition, and when I lifted it off the rack it was so heavy in such a cozy and well-made way. I tried it on and was in love! It is so cozy and perfect for Washington’s cold seasons. I have paired it with so many different outfits, and it always looks so good! I got the sweater for $16!!! Can you believe it? This is why I love blue. You could never find a sweater this well made, this soft, and this cute for $16….unless you are at blue!

I have been shopping at blue for quite some time now, and I have so many items in my closet from there. I hope you will find some inspiration in this and go out and find some amazing deals at Goodwill!
Happy Thrifting!
Bailey- @trulyginger