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When you think of going to a thrift store, what comes to mind?
Looking for a bargain on clothing, finding a book for your road trip, searching for a coffee table to paint? Oh but there’s so much more.

The thrift store has become a lifestyle for many. From Olympia’s artists to the Pt. Defiance Zookeeper, your BFF, the guy in the soccer club, the Millennials and especially team Gen Z – all of them have added thrifting to their list of shopping habits. It’s no longer your grandmother’s thrift store anymore…it’s a store and lifestyle for EVERYONE.

We thought we’d introduce you to a few local thrifters that choose to shop second hand and how they’ve incorporated #goodwillfinds into their everyday lives. Each of them has a unique story for why they choose to thrift, what they like to hunt for (with tips) and what thrifting means to them. And of course, why they choose to shop at Goodwill.

We hope you enjoy our Summer series of the Best of Thrift. We wish you the BEST of luck finding your own #goodwillfind; may the thrifting odds be ever in your favor.


best of thrift 5 TIP #5:
Shop blue Boutique’s curated selection.

If you haven’t been in to a blue – it’s a curated selection of apparel, jewelry, shoes & purses and home decor.   There are three locations each with their own flair: Proctor District  (Tacoma), Olympia (downtown) & Sumner (downtown). You’ll find your favorite upscale brands for men, women and children in like new or NWT (new with tags) condition.  If you’re a thrifter but you BFF isn’t , take them to blue – they’ll love it.  It’s the best of Goodwill in a boutique setting!


trulyginger floral tank FEATURED THRIFTER #5:

Baily (aka @trulyginger) discovered her love for thrifting early on, but most recently has found herself a huge fan of our blue Boutique stores.  She finds quality, high-end brands of apparel at great prices and now it’s where she shops first.

My Goto Thrift Store is blue Boutique I started shopping at blue, surprisingly, only two years ago when I moved back to Washington. My mom asked me if I had been to blue before, but I had never heard of it. I knew that I had to go and check it out as soon as possible! READ MORE >>


best of thrift 4

TIP #4:
Always try everything on.

Take it from Briana (see the photos in her blog post below), just because it looked good on the hangar, doesn’t mean it will fit right on you.  Plus, it saves the hassle of having to return an item.




Briana (aka @brimonster) consider’s herself a “thriftress.”  She “found some cool vintage things and started mixing them with modern clothing to give it a unique look.” Now she wears thrifted clothing exclusively, knowing that her purchase help contribute to a zero waste lifestyle.

Thrifting for the Vintage Enthusiasts.  Has anyone else ever had a relative drag them into a thrift store? I certainly have. My first thrifting experience came when I was very young, maybe 7 or 8  READ MORE >>


Best of thrift 3TIP #3:
Shop often.

Each store puts thousands of items on their shelves every day.




Laddie (aka @renewrelics) – She loves to make old pieces of furniture new again. And guess where she purchases many of her finds – at Goodwill! Laddie has an incredible eye for finding just the right piece, and being able to vision the finished piece comes quite naturally to her.

It’s Literally the Thrill of the Thrift Hunt.   I frequent many of my local Goodwill stores on a weekly basis. I’ve even been known to go back in on the same day! Why? Well, they are constantly taking new items to the sales floor and I never want to feel like I missed out on something super awesome.  READ MORE >>

thrift tip 2TIP #2:
Shop tag sales.

There are color tag sales EVERY DAY at Goodwill.  View the tag sale calendar here >> Tag Sales



devon place settingFEATURED THRIFTER #2:

Devon (aka @brideonabike)  – You may know Devon as Wilson’s mama (he’s our favorite dog around here).  But we also know her as a super-thrifter and creative spirit.  Devon gave us a little glimpse into her life-long thrifting journey and her keys to finding the ultimate Goodwill find.

The Answer is Always Goodwill!  The question I am asked most often when people come to my house is, “Where do you find all your cool stuff?”  The answer is always, “Goodwill.” My history with Goodwill started when I furnished my first apartment at 18 years old. READ MORE >>

TIP #1:
Summer is the best time to shop Goodwill

Our stores are at their fullest and that means great product is on our shelves!



Goodwill miacupcakeFEATURED THRIFTER #1:
Mia Cupcake
(aka Libby) – We asked her to share some of her favorite Goodwill finds and a few of her thrift tips…See Mia’s 5 PRO TIPS to get the best kitchen gear at Goodwill.

Gearing Up My Kitchen With Goodwill

I’ve been thrift shopping in one form or another as long as I can remember.  Grandpa taught us a lot of things…what to look for at garage sales, thrift shops and antique storesREAD MORE >> 

Follow Mia Cupcake online @miacupcake  for more thrifting tips, #20Tuesday, & Kitchen fun!



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