Andre Harrell
Success Story: Andre (Computer Skills & Office Support Program)
“It changed my future,” Andre Harrell states emphatically. “That class got me out of my shell and really motivated me.”
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Victoria Sarabia Goodwill participant
Success Story: Victoria (Barista Skills Program)
There’s no telling how a great cup of coffee can change someone’s day. Or in the case of Victoria Sarabia,
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chalk sign to mark the way
Whoa – did I just say “elegant wedding” and “Goodwill” in the same sentence?  You bet I did.  Unless you
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Shop, Give a Gift, Donate
Shop with a purpose. Sure, shopping at Goodwill saves you money on clothing and household items, but did you know
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Chernenko Wheatly operation goodjobs success story
Operation: GoodJobs Helps Army Vet Find a New Career
I’m Chernenko Wheatley and I would like to tell you a little bit about my life and how it changed thanks
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online shopping decorative Chinese silver pagoda
Decorative Chinese Silver Tower
Chinese Export Silver Pagoda Tower, 128.8g. Interesting piece! Auction ends Tuesday. Check out the auction here.
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Success Story: Kristina (Warehouse, Transportation & Logistics Program)
In the way Kristina talks about her story, you can hear confidence and hope for the future. But, it wasn’t
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Jasmine Howell Goodwill participant
Success Story: Jasmine (Barista Skills Program)
Jasmine loves to help people. Initially Goodwill, and now Starbucks are helping Jasmine to realize her dream to become a
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Yancy Johns Goodwill participant
Taking Care of Family Drives Yancy into Two Career Paths
Yancy’s life has been a lot harder than it should have been. As a younger man he left school for
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Olympia Store Grand Opening
New Outlet Store in Olympia
February 19, 2015: 8 year journey culminates with Olympia Outlet Store & Recycle Center Opening Sandra Collins’ journey: former Goodwill
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