6 Thrifty Ideas to Throw a SUPER Football Party

Thrifty Big Game Party Ideas

For some of us, it’s all about the food and commercials – unless your favorite team is one of the two battling for the big game trophy on the field (next year Seahawks for sure!)
We love to set a fun Instagramable table full of tantalizing snacks and game-day food, we also don’t want to spend a football-player’s salary on a chip bowl. So we popped in to the 38th St. Goodwill in Tacoma for a quick trip and found several unique items that are sustainable (yay go Team Earth!) and will have your guests bragging on social media about the cool party they went to.

Slow Cookers for warm gooey dips and killer chilies

You can almost always find a slow cooker on the shelf at Goodwill, and lucky for you, they come in many different sizes and styles. We found a full-size (perfect for a giant pot of dad’s famous chili) with a removable crock for easy cleaning, and a mini version “Little Dipper” just right for your favorite queso dip.

thrifted crock pot
Serving Trays for Days

Trays can be extremely versatile. They can hold beverages or snacks on a side table or ottoman, contain the serve ware (plates, napkins, forks) or can be used to serve pigs in a blanket. We found a festive variety at Goodwill to match any theme of your party.

Thrifted serving trays

Fancy Bowls, Because Your Chips Deserve It

A good host/hostess never serves chips out of the bag – or so we hear. Choose a fun bowl to match your party’s theme or colors and add your favorite crunchy treat, or potato salad or…the skies the limit. We went retro with our finds – natural wood and a vintage glass chip and dip set still in the box!

thrifted serving bowls

Can You Pass Me a Napkin Please?

Chicken wings are messy – so don’t forget the plates and napkins. Sure paper ones are fun, but then they just add to the landfill. We suggest going sustainable! We found a set of white ceramic salad plates (white matches any theme) that you can use for any occasion, and an actual vintage wood napkin holder. Remember the wood bowls above? I sense a theme here… We also found a colorful cloth tablecloth that could represent all your team’s favorite colors.

thrifted plates and napkin holder

Cheers for Cold Beverages!

Since we all love an ice cold drink while watching sports (hot tea just doesn’t seem right), you need a container that will accommodate a wide selection and lots of ice. We found a simple cooler that can be used all year long or a metal table-top container for your “fancy” drinks.

thrifted cooler

Be the Armchair Quarterback

Do you like making a friendly wager during the big game? We found an amazing vintage football game that lets you play along and keep tabs on your favorite players. An alternative idea to place your bets or guesses is to use a frame, fun paper and a dry-erase marker. Set up the frame on a table-top and make a grid with the guest’s name and four columns for each quarter. Using the dry erase marker, write their score guess by quarter. The person with the closest score at the end of the big game wins! Then repurpose your repurposed frame into a message board – grocery list, reminders, etc…

thrifted games

Go Team!